The Mat Cutting Company and its sister business, The Card Framing Company, have been operating for the past 15 years.

Our Gallery in the historic Rocks area in Sydney, known as the Card Framing Company, was recognised internationally for its expertise in the matting and framing of Cigarette and Trade cards. In the early days all of our mats were hand cut, but in 1997 we purchased a Gunnar Computerised Mat Cutter. This gave us the ability to cut very complex designs, and confirmed our reputation as the market leader for high quality card framing.

The Gunnar also opened a new line of business by giving us the ability to design and cut a huge range of high quality picture mounts at very competitive prices, and from this The Mat Cutting Company was born.

In 2003 The Rocks Gallery was closed and we relocated to Victoria. The Mat Cutting Company is now a leading supplier of high quality computer cut mats to the picture framing industry, as well as to photographers, artists, memorabilia manufacturers and the corporate sector. We also still supply what are arguably the best Cigarette and Trade Card mounts available, to customers in Australia as well as NZ, the U.S, Europe and the U.K.

Our state of the art equipment gives us many advantages when cutting your mats - accuracy, speed and consistency just for starters! It also means that there is no such thing as a “standard” mat. Whilst we do encourage our customers to use standard photographic sizes where possible, this relates to the outside dimension of the mats and simply means that they will fit into a huge range of well-priced standard, off the shelf frames.

However, window size and shape are anything but standard. We will ask you the size, style and number of windows needed for your artwork, and then cut the mats to your exact requirements. This effectively means that you will receive a high quality product, custom cut to suit your artwork, but at a very competitive wholesale price.

This forms the basis of our business – consistently high levels of quality, both in product and in service, along with very competitive quantity based pricing.



Did you know...

Over the past few years, Computerised Mat Cutters have revolutionised the way we work. With the click of a mouse we can create designs and cut quantities that would otherwise not be possible.

With our knowledge and specialist equipment, we can offer the complete solution to all of your matting needs, quickly and economically. Guaranteed.

The Mat Cutting Company
(Inc. The Card Framing Co.)

Victoria, Australia.
phone: (03) 5981-8788
fax: (03) 5981-8799

We look forward to working with you!


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