Cigarette and Trade Cards often have a significant historic, sentimental and / or monetary value. Each card has information on its back, which can be anything from a basic description right through to a detailed history of the card subject. This information often makes up a significant part of the cards value, and as such should be visible when the cards are framed. Because of this, they require a very different approach to mounting, and framing, than "normal" artwork.

If you use a standard bevel cut mat board (like those found around normal pictures) you are faced with the problem of how to hold the cards in place. This is usually achieved by taping or otherwise sticking them to the mat or backing board, and should be avoided at all costs. In our experience there is no readily available, reversible method that will not damage the cards in some way.

However, by using a straight cut window that is fractionally larger than the card, each card can sit in its own little window without sticking, and without damage! The cards are then effectively held in place by a front and rear glass, which has the added advantage of also displaying the information on the back of the cards.

The secret to framing cigarette and trade cards is the MCC Straight Cut matboard.
  • Cards sit in their own window - no taping, no damage
  • Any number or size of card
  • Any mix of landscape and portrait
  • Cards can be removed at any time
  • Over 350 different formats on file, or
    we can create one to suit your special requirements
  • Complete in-house framing service also available
  • Trade enquiries are most welcome.

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A series of 50 Overseas
Dominions, printed in 1915,
featuring 42
landscape and
8 portrait cards, framed using
a MCC Traditional standard mat.

front view

back view

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